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Serial Chillers Podcast

Aug 23, 2019

Holy Satan and all that is evil we made it to 0.01% of 1,000,000 episodes and that is just fantastic. We have had 10's of guests, over 100 killers, So many new fans and friends, an amazing community who supports us , some fun episodes and last but not least another season coming soon!! 

As we set off on our season finale episode for season 4 we look forward to season 5 and what it brings. There will be "Hella Conspiracies" a Patreon exclusive for all donors giving $5 or more, new guests, new killers and another fun surprise coming for all who give at least $1
Episode 100 is a brutal one and will look at the life and crimes of Charles Ng and Leonard Lake who may have been some of the most brutal killers in their methods that we've covered so far. Join along as we talk about their lives before meeting one another and the dark path it went down once they joined forces. We're joined by Hella Greg as always with Biggfoot and Paul in the house. Please Enjoy Episode 100 We'll be back on October 4th!
Music for the First break: Brain Dead by Uh-Oh and the Oh-Wells