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Serial Chillers Podcast

Aug 11, 2017

On episode 14 of the Serial Chillers Podcast the studio travels to Dustin's house and we get real into some dark ass murders. Mark Goudeau aka: The baseline killer was a perpetuator of sexual assault and homicide in the Phoenix Arizona area during 2005 and 2006. Dustin tells us about Kip Kinkel and his mental issues that went unchecked too long. Ashley gets us into a legal conundrum while discussing the Yellowstone "Zone of death" an area discovered where murder is legal! She's going to teach you how! Sit back relax and enjoy episode 14 of the Serial Chillers Podcast


/////Intro - "Chilled Serial" by Bocks of Cox/////

/////Outro- "Autumn Woes" by Ryan Little/////