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Serial Chillers Podcast

Sep 15, 2017

On episode 19 of the Serial Chillers Podcast we welcome back episode 7 alumni; Erin and Arielle! The tied the last time they were on against each other and this one was for two, they are good friends and therefore compete very hard! I bring you guys the story of Dr. Harold "Fuck Face" Shipman. Who was an English Serial Killer who may be responsible for the death of over 200 people. Join us this week, like many, where we relax, drink beer, and talk Murder!////Music: Intro (intro is Broken Glass and Potato Chips, By Fred Gitstoned and the Barney Rumbles////You can hear lots of cool sounds like this and more at is  by me//// Thanks for listening and don't forget promo code "SerialChillers" for 20% off at