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Serial Chillers Podcast

Jun 9, 2017

Episode 5 of the Serial Chillers Podcast is headlined by Aileen Wuornos. She lead one of the rockiest lives through childhood and her teenage years. It is hard to even imagine having to go through  some of the things that she did! It doesn’t excuse her actions as she would go on to kill several men, likely in cold blood.


I have 2 guests on with me today.

Christi or @ChristiiChili brings us the story of Seung Hui Cho, but you may know him better as the Virginia Tech Killer. Killed over 30 classmates at his college leaving behind a manifesto and more questions than ever. Check Christi’s rendition of the story!


Sam brings us the all men will cringe story of Lorena Bobbit, who in a fit of anger, cut off her husband's penis, drove it around for a few hours, all before deciding to discard it on the side of the road.


Thanks for listening.


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Intro Song: Bocks of Cox

Outro Song: Blue Dot Sessions/ Gatering Stasis