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Serial Chillers Podcast

Jun 30, 2017

On episode eight of the Serial Chillers Podcast we talk about Pee Wee, and not the one with a fun playhouse. Donald Henry Gaskins was a tiny man with a lot of anger. He would hunt humans to quell his feeling of "Bothersome-ness" at times, and others he may just execute you because you called him a name. At any rate, he didn't earn his second nickname "Meanest Man in America" for no reason. Greg joins us to tell a blood curdling story of a man who was fed up with break ins in his house and took it into his own hands, and may have gone too far. Lastly Kim tells us all about the famous "Lobster Boy" Grady stiles, and just how big of an asshole he really was. Join us today for the episode of the Serial Chillers Podcast.