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Serial Chillers Podcast

Jul 7, 2017

In episode 9 of the Serial Chillers Podcast we have Christi from episode 5 return to the studio as well as Alex from episode two! I bring them the events that unfolded during the "Summer of Sam"! They compete for those sweet, sweet points and this time, it gets personal! Which is weird because the winner and loser leave with the same thing at the end....Nothing. Christi talks Dana Ewell, a hometown murderer for us here at the show! Alex brings the insane story of two sisters who absolutely lost their marbles, and the sweet thing is... they did it together. The story of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson is one you don't want to miss. Someone wins. Someone Loses. In the end it doesn't matter.....Enjoy!////////Intro Music: Chilled Serial by: Bocks of Cox ////////Outro Music: Rise and Shine by: Audiobinger//////// Don't Talk To Strangers!